T1 Engagement Worksheet

Updated: 2021-11-12

The Engagement worksheet is the source of information about your relationship with the client.

  1. When the file is created—either by carry forward or as a new file —TaxCycle inserts the preparer information, disclaimers and other settings from defaults set in options. See the Preparer and firm help topic. You can edit these details so they apply only to that client.
  2. The worksheet also shows a history of consent and authorization requests (T1013 and MR-69).
  3. When the preparer details on the Engagement worksheet do not match the defaults set in options, a message appears at the top of the worksheet, and as a review message.
  4. Click the link(s) at the top of the section to enter the defaults from options.
  5. Or, use the Quick Fix message to resolve it.
  6. The bottom of the worksheet summarizes billing and invoice details. Learn more in the Billing and invoicing help topic.


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