Export from TaxCycle to DoxCycle

Updated: 2018-04-04

Exporting a copy of the tax return to a DoxCycle PDF is similar to printing a return. Change the print configuration in TaxCycle to export to DoxCycle:

  1. In TaxCycle, click on Print (or press Ctrl+P).
  2. Click the edit... link in the print set box to open the printer/output configuration.
  3. Select DoxCycle PDF from the printer/output drop-down. For more information on the available output options, see Printer and PDF output options.
  4. If you always want to use these settings for this print set, click the link to Save these settings.
  5. To print immediately, click the Export to DoxCycle PDF button.
  6. Click the Print Selected button at the bottom of the forms list or click on the DoxCycle icon to print just that print set. 
  7. The return is added as a multi-page document at the beginning of the DoxCycle file.