Workflow groups and tasks

Updated: 2017-10-30
TaxCycle includes tasks and groups to help you track the progress of a return for each person in the file. You can customize TaxCycle to match your practice workflow. Set required tasks. Reorder, show or hide the tasks and groups in file information.

Tracking return tasks and completion

  1. With a file open, go to the File menu and click on Info, or configure TaxCycle to show this same information whenever you save the file.
  2. Click on a name to see the status of all the tasks related to that person's return. Each box contains the tasks related to completing the tax return for that person.
  3. When viewing this page for coupled or family returns, TaxCycle arranges the boxes to fit the window size. They appear side-by-side first, and then wrap below. Scroll down to see more.
    Layout of new workflow
  4. Tasks are grouped by stage of the preparation process. You can adjust which tasks appear in which groups in Options. See "Workflow options," below. Some tasks only appear for the client's return if they are necessary. For example, if a taxpayer must electronically file a T1135, the T1135 transmitted task will show. Otherwise it will not.
  5. By default, TaxCycle expands the earliest group that is still in progress. You can Expand all or Collapse all groups. Click Auto-expand to return to the default state.
    Expand/Collapse buttons on workflow screen
  6. Within a group, many tasks are automatically checked when you complete the action in the return.
  7. To manually complete automatic tasks, click the override link. 
  8. An asterisk appears next to groups that contain overridden tasks.
  9. Click the overridden link to remove the override. 
    Overridden workflow tasks
  10. Some tasks are manual. Check the box to complete them.
  11. The date and name of the person who completed the task shows.
  12. A group is considered complete once all required tasks within the group are checked. You can choose which tasks are required in Options. See "Workflow options," below.
    Manually workflow tasks
  13. Click the comment link to add a comment to a task.
  14. Type the comment in the field that appears.
  15. To delete a comment, click remove.
    Add comment to workflow task
  16. Check the Waiting for client check box for any taxpayer at any stage in the preparation process to flag a return that is waiting for client input.
  17. The Return Completion group contains tasks required to consider the entire return completed.
  18. You can add a Due date for the return in the Return Completion group.
  19. Messages show next to the client's name when the return is overdue.
  20. The All filing complete task under the Return Completion group looks at any required paper or electronic filings and is only checked once they are all complete. (This also looks at any required adjustments.)
    Return completion and waiting for client
  21. If an adjustment to the return is required, the Rework group appears as soon as you create the T1-ADJ or other adjustment form.
  22. Once you set the filing method on the T1-ADJ to ReFILE, the ReFILE transmission tasks also appear.
  23. The All filing complete task in the Return Completion group also becomes unchecked, indicating that there is an outstanding filing task.
    Rework group in workflow
  24. If you prefer not to see this dialog box when you save a file, clear the check box at the bottom of the window. To view this window at any time, go to the File menu and click on Info. See the File information and history help topic.

Workflow options

If you change workflow options and then share client files with other preparers, others will see the order, groups and tasks based on their own settings. To have the whole office use the same workflow options, share these settings across with others in an Options Profile. (See the Options Profiles help topic to learn how to share options.)

  1. To open options from the Start screen, click Options on the left side. If you have a file open, go to the File menu, then click Options.
  2. On the left, expand T1/TP1 (or another module, such T2 or T3), then expand Workflow, and click on a year.
  3. On the right, you will see the list of groups and tasks. 
  4. Check the box to expand all the groups of tasks by default when viewing them for a client.
  5. Drag and drop groups to change the order in which they appear. Drag and drop to re-order tasks or move them to a different group.
  6. If a group contains no tasks, it will not show in file information.
  7. Check the Required box if the task is required in order to consider the group complete. If all the tasks within a group are optional, checking one task within the group in file information marks the entire group complete.
  8. Clear the Show check box to hide a task in file information. For example, if you hide the PAD transmitted task, it will never show, even if the taxpayer chooses to make a Pre-authorized debit (PAD) request. Some tasks appear on the options page, but will only appear for the client's return if they are necessary. For example, if a taxpayer must electronically file a T1135, the T1135 transmitted task will show in the file information. Otherwise it will not.
  9. If all tasks within a group are hidden, the group will not appear in file information.
  1. The Return Completion group contains tasks required to consider the entire return completed. This is used in the Client Manager and anywhere TaxCycle reports on return completion.
  2. The All filing complete task looks at all the returns and forms the taxpayer must file and is only marked complete once all are filed electronically or on paper.
  3. Click Show only visible tasks to hide tasks where the Show check box is clear.
  4. Click on Exporter task list to create a CSV (comma-separated values) file that you can open in Excel.
  5. Click the Restore Defaults link to return the tasks and groups to the built-in defaults.

Searching on return status filter in the Client Manager

The Return status filters in the Client Manager allow you to search on workflow groups. Use these filters to display a list of returns where a group of tasks is in a particular phase of preparation.

For example, to find all returns that completed the review this week:

  1. Click on the Quick Searches sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to the Custom filters section
  3. Expand the Return status box.
  4. Select Review from the first drop-down menu.
  5. Select Complete from the second menu.
  6. In the completed field, choose This week.

To add another condition—for example, to exclude any returns where the Client Approval step has been started:

  1. Select And from the first menu. 
  2. Select Client Approval from the Add another condition menu.
  3. Select Not started from the third menu.

Finally, if you want to see only those returns that are waiting for input from a client:

  1. Check the Waiting for client box. (This box looks for the Waiting for client flag on a client's workflow.)

Return status filters

Copy or export workflow ids

You can use workflow items in conditions in templates. To copy the ids from the workflow screen:

  1. With a file open, go to the File menu and click on Info.
  2. Right-click on a workflow item and select Copy ID for Template.
  3. In options, you can also right-click on an item to get the ID.
  4. Or, you can export all items by clicking on the Export task list link.
    Workflow options