EFILE and Express NOA

Updated: 2019-09-17

Learn how to electronically file personal tax returns through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) T1 EFILE system using TaxCycle. Click a timestamp below to jump to a topic:

  1. Set EFILE options (1:10)
  2. Complete a T183 authorization (2:55)
  3. Transmit a T1 return (7:45)
  4. Resolve review messages before filing (8:11)
  5. Set up Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) payments (13:05)
  6. Transmit multiple filing types at the same time (14:24)
  7. Transmit family returns (17:20)
  8. Collect the client’s Notice of assessment (NOA) (19:16)
  9. Batch transmit from the Client Manager (23:54)
  10. File T1 adjustments using ReFILE (27:57)

Date of broadcast: February 27, 2019
Presented by: Cameron Peters

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