Bar Code Contents

Updated: 2020-07-20

View contents of a bar code

Hover over any bar code in TaxCycle to see its contents.

Copy a bar code

Hold down Ctrl+Shift while clicking on a bar code to copy the information to your clipboard for pasting into another program

Example: Bar code from the T1Condensed

In the pop-up, you can see that the bar code contains the following personal information:

  • SIN (870001484)
  • birthdate (19430715)
  • province or residence (AB - twice)
  • spouse's SIN (870001716)
  • spouse's name (Abig, short for Abigail)
  • taxpayer's name (Thomas A Sims)
  • an address
  • a postal code

T1 Condensed bar code

  1. The rest of the information is line numbers followed by values, and separated by dashes. For instance, 101125081 means line 101 contains a value of $125,081.
  2. Most of the fields are dollars only, except for fields that appear with dots to the right. These values are shown including cents. For instance, line 437 has a dot beside it on page 4 of the T1 Jacket. Thus, 4371957977 means that line 437 has a value of $19,579.77.