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Updated: 2020-05-15

Business number

  1. Place parentheses ( ) around the field code, within the double braces {{ }} (curly brackets).
  2. Add format in front of the opening parenthesis ( (do not leave any space between it and the parentheses).
  3. Add Field before the closing parenthesis, leaving no space between BusinessNumber and it.
Example Sample result
{{ CurrentClient.Info.ID.BusinessNumber }}


{{ format(CurrentClient.Info.ID.BusinessNumberField) }}

851087148 RC0001


Module Field code Description

{{ CurrentClient.Info.CommonData.AgeOnDec31 }}

Shows the age on December 31st of the tax return year.


If you want to use the nickname field on the Info worksheet to address your clients, you must test for it to show it IF it has something in it.

Description Example Sample result
First name and last name {{CurrentClient.Info.ID.FirstName }} {{CurrentClient.Info.ID.LastName}}

Frank Wright

Use nickname if it is present {{# CurrentClient.Info.ID.Nickname}}{{.}}{{/end}}{{# not(CurrentClient.Info.ID.Nickname)}}{{CurrentClient.Info.ID.FirstName }}{{/end}} {{CurrentClient.Info.ID.LastName}}

Cory Wright

Spouse's first name and last name {{ CurrentClient.Info.SpouseID.FirstName }}{{/end}} {{CurrentClient.Info.SpouseID.LastName}}

Samantha Wright

Use spouse's nickname if it is present {{# CurrentClient.Info.SpouseID.Nickname}}{{.}}{{/end}}{{# not(CurrentClient.Info.SpouseID.Nickname)}}{{ CurrentClient.Info.SpouseID.FirstName }}{{/end}} {{CurrentClient.<span class="redactor-selection-marker" id="selection-marker-1"></span>Info.SpouseID.LastName}}

Sam Wright

Spouses with different last names

The JSalutation snippet handles the situations where the spouses have different last names. This is done using the join function. For more examples, please read the section on the Join function in the Operators and functions help topic

Example Sample result

{{# CurrentClient.Info}}

{{# ID.LastName = SpouseID.LastName}}{{ join(" ", join(" & ", ID.FirstName, SpouseID.FirstName), ID.LastName) }} {{/ ID.LastName = SpouseID.LastName}}{{# ID.LastName != SpouseID.LastName}}{{ join(" & ", join(" ", ID.FirstName, ID.LastName), join(" ", SpouseID.FirstName, SpouseID.LastName)) }} {{/ ID.LastName != SpouseID.LastName}}

{{/ CurrentClient.Info}}

Paul Tremblay & Jeannette Larousse

Paul and Jeannette Tremblay

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