Custom Field Data

Updated: 2020-05-15

You can add custom fields to TaxCycle returns to collect data to use in templates and the data monitors. For complete instructions on creating these fields, read the Custom Fields help topic.

Use data from custom fields in template

You can reference the Unique ID in template code to reference the data in the custom field.

Show the value in the field

  1. Open the client context by using the {{#CurrentClient}} {{/CurrentClient}} tags.
  2. In between these tags, use the customfield function and insert the Unique ID between the quotation marks. For example: {{customfield("Newsletter")}}




Test a Yes/No field

Use the following code to show or hide content based on the selection in a Yes/No field.

Example 1 Example 2



Show this text if the answer is Yes in the custom field.





Show this text if the answer is No in the custom field.



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