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EFILE RC59/TC59X business consent forms from TaxCycle T2

We are very pleased to announce that you can now file RC59 and RC59X forms directly from the newest module of TaxCycle T2. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) just released these new services on Monday, May 14th. We released the version of TaxCycle with support for RC59/RC9X EFILE on Tuesday, May 15th. We are the first professional tax software in Canada to offer this feature.

RC59/RC59X transmissionThe most recent module of TaxCycle T2 is certified software for electronic filing of the RC59 form for obtaining authorization to represent a business, as well as the RC59X form for cancelling authorization to represent a business. As a tax preparer, use these form to gain consent from each client to act as their representative and gain online access to their account. This consent is required to download and view information about your business clients from the CRA.

Forms related to RC59/RC59X filing

To allow for electronic filing, we have added two new forms to TaxCycle T2 and renamed two others. Based on the selection you make on the RC59OnlineConsent form, TaxCycle will guide you to complete the correct sections of the other forms if required.

  • RC59OnlineConsent—Complete this new worksheet to electronically transmit consent for online access. The details entered on this worksheet are used to complete the RC59TransmissionConsent form that your client must sign before you can submit the RC59 electronically. The CRA does not provide an official copy of this form. This worksheet is our own design based on requirements set by the CRA. Therefore you cannot file this form by mailing it to the CRA. The details on this form must be transmitted to the CRA using the RC59 transmission process; they are not included in the T2 Corporation Internet Filing.
  • RC59TransmissionConsent—Before you can transmit an RC59 or an RC59X, print this form and have your client sign it. Similar to the T183Corp for T2 returns, you must keep this signed form on file for 6 years from the transmission date. Do not send it to the CRA unless requested to do so. This form only applies to the RC59 request for online access. To authorize cancelling using the RC59X, your client must sign the RC59XCancel.
  • RC59OfflineConsent—This renames the existing RC59 form that requests access by telephone, fax and paper mail. This form must be mailed to the CRA. If you mail in a paper copy of this form, you will not have online access to the client's account. 
  • RC59XCancel—This is the existing RC59X form used to cancel authorization of a previous representative. You can now also electronically file this form with the CRA using RC59X transmission process. Your client must sign this form before you can transmit.

How to electronically file the RC59/RC59X

As with all other electronic transmission, look in the Transmit sidebar to guide you through filing RC59 or RC59X forms. Full instructions appear on the RC59 business consent form help topic. 

As this is a new service offered by the CRA, we recommend preparers check within a few hours of transmission to see if they have access to the client account through Represent a client.


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