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T2201: Disability Tax Credit Certificate and EFILE

Unlike previous years when you submitted a return through EFILE that included a disability amount, be it a claim for your client or a transfer from their spouse or a dependant, if the CRA did not have a valid T2201 on file regarding the claim, the return would be rejected. 


Starting this year, if you submit such a return for the current year, the CRA will accept the return (assuming there are no other issues) but you will notice the following extra text within the acceptance message:
There is no approved Form T2201, Disability Tax Credit Certificate on record for this taxpayer with the Canada Revenue Agency for this tax year. The claim for the disability amount will be reviewed before we assess this return. This may cause delays.

The CRA may contact the preparer, or the client, if no T2201 can be found, either on file or in processing. If your client has only recently obtained the necessary T2201 from their doctor, be sure to have it sent to the CRA as soon as possible. The return will not be processed until the T2201 has been received, but may be adjusted to exclude the claim if the T2201 is not received in a timely manner. 




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