Requesting E-signatures From an Executor or Legal Representative

Updated: 2023-02-07

When you use TaxFolder to request signatures on a T1 personal tax return for a deceased taxpayer, note the following differences to help you request those signatures from the executor or legal representative of the estate:

  1. In the Life events section of the Info worksheet, make sure to enter the Legal representative’s email address and mobile phone number, along with the other information required to complete the return. TaxCycle uses this information to send an email requesting a signature to the legal representative and the code to verify the representative’s identity.
  2. If the legal representative is not a client in TaxFolder, checking Invite new client to TaxFolder will create a new client using the legal representative’s email address and name.
  3. When you print the form or return to create the signature request, do not select the option to require additional Knowledge Based Authentication questions. These additional questions do not work for legal representatives.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the Taxpayer's Language.
  5. At the bottom of the print dialog box, you can confirm the email address and the phone number of the legal representative. TaxCycle will create a new client account for this person.
  6. While TaxCycle automatically enters the client name to create the TaxFolder Engagement label, you can type in this field to edit the label. For example, add “Estate of” in front of the name.

Screen Capture: Life Events

Screen Capture: Print / Generate Forms